March 4, 2009

Hillary, ask yourself - is this important?

A little advice for Hillary Clinton, you need to ask yourself, is normalizing relations with Syria really all that important? Since we're trying to turn America into a Socialist Republic, wouldn't Cuba be a bigger priority? Nevertheless, what is the Obama administration trying to achieve with this step with Syria?

The Washington Post reports;
JERUSALEM, March 3 -- The United States is moving quickly to revive relations with Syria, sending two senior officials to Damascus this weekend to explore how the two countries can move beyond years of bitterness over the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and Syria's links to terrorist groups.
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced the dispatch of State Department and White House envoys during a visit to Israel, where an incoming government is hostile to the idea of a Palestinian state but may show more interest in a peace agreement with Syria.
The last part of that first paragraph is mind-numbing in it's absurdity. How can the two countries possibly move beyond Syria's links to terrorist groups? It's not possible. This is one of those unconditional meetings situations that, to his credit, John McCain had an issue with during the election campaign. Unless Syria renounces and visibly demonstrates active steps against terrorism, the don't need to be coddled, and the United States doesn't need to be coddled by them. If Israel wants to make peace with Syria, let them do so with America's blessing and support. But Syria remains an Iranian outpost and only slightly covertly hostile to the United States.

The Chamberlainian appeasement approach that the Obama administration seems headed down didn't work with Hitler, and it won't work with those who now seek to destroy Israel and the Jews (i.e. Iran and their proxies, including Syria). So there's no point in negotiating with Syria, either independently or jointly with Israel. Concessions will be one-sided and what can America hope to gain in return? At best a few years of inactivity from Syria, but more likely, Syrian activities and terrorism support becoming more covert while they extract money from the bottomless pocket that is money-bags Obama.

Don't do it Mr. President. And Hillary, is your counsel being heeded at all, or are you also the liberal you seemed prior to your Presidential run in 2008?

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