March 14, 2009

Kennedy versus Obama (round 2)

Back in late February, I pointed out that JFK would be stunned by the views President Obama and many in his party now take on the economy.  Now, whether he realizes it or not, the second need for comparison is about to happen. Just Joe Biden predicted, some foreign leaders have a test prepared for President Obama.

It's actually the second test.  The first test happened recently when Chinese boats harassed a navy oceanographic mapping ship in the South China Sea.  The administration responded by protesting the incident.  Not exactly an over the top reaction.  The test was similar to the the Chinese test of President Bush early in his term.

It almost seems as if the Biden comment during the campaign was an open invitation to foreign leaders.

Of course Wolf Blitzer and CNN tried to downplay the fact that Biden was talking specifically about Obama, running cover for their guy if you will.  But Biden clearly was talking about Obama, mot McCain. He was clearly talking about a different test than most others faced.  How do we know that?  Here's the full uncensored quote:

Taking advantage of that invitation, Russia  is pushing the envelop to see how far they can get away with things under the Obama administration.  This test will carry far more serious consequences than the Chinese test.

MOSCOW – A Russian Air Force chief said Saturday that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has offered an island as a temporary base for strategic Russian bombers, the Interfax new agency reported.

The chief of staff of Russia's long range aviation, Maj. Gen. AnatolyZhikharev, also said Cuba could be used to base the aircraft, Interfax reported.

The Kremlin, however, said the situation was hypothetical.

"The military is speaking about technical possibilities, that's all," Alexei Pavlov, a Kremlin official, told The Associated Press. "If there will be a development of the situation, then we can comment," he said.

A potential future military base in Cuba or Venezuela? What was previously unthinkable may be coming one step closer to a frightening reality.  John Kennedy stared down the Russians during the Cuban missile crisis.  Barack Obama is highly unlikely to do the same.  He is far more likely to accommodate and discuss.  There are some situations where a bold approach is necessary and this would certainly be one.

Further on in the point Biden was making, was the fact that Obama's decision would be an unpopular one and that the Democrat faithful would need to stand united behind him and his unconventional approach to the crisis.  That doesn't inspire confidence, which was never Joe Biden's strong suit.  

This situation is nowhere near a crisis point.  However, in order to ensure that it does not, the President needs to take a tough stand and do so immediately, or the alternative will be a path back towards the days of the mutually assured destruction days of the Cold War.  If you'll recall America won that war, and Kennedy did his part. Do your part Mr. President - there's no need for a re-match.

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