March 22, 2009

The Epic Failures of Barney Frank

Barney Frank has assaulted AIG over it's handling of it's finances, given the bailout money provided the federal government to combat the financial crisis. To be sure AIG, granted billions by the federal government with apparently very little in the way of oversight, doesn't seem to feel like it needs to be held accountable to generations of American taxpayers. It's a scandal. Or perhaps it just feels like it is meeting contractual obligations. Nevertheless, at least optically it looks bad.

Upon closer inspection, what looks worse are the failures of Barney Frank in his responsibilities to the American taxpayers. While his actions have not been directly responsible for the poor allocations of billions of taxpayer dollars...wait, they have been.

Example 1: The Housing Bubble and Credit Crisis news video

Example 2: Spend, spend, spend (on CNBC business segment)

Example 3: Decriminalizing Marijuana

Just a sample of the Barney Frank train wreck. Why this guy is not run out of office is beyond understanding.


  1. I live in the Congressional district next to Barney Frank's and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why the voters in that district keep on voting for him. Some of his district is very affluent and liberal but other parts are working-class guys and gals who I can't imagine like his policies. Why do they keep voting for him? WHY?

  2. Grace - Seeing it from a distance myself is probably far less frustrating than it is for you.

    Could you imagine living in his district? All Barney, all the time, always right according to those around you. Ow.


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