March 26, 2009

Sinkers and Floaters

Pardon the foray into to guttural Jon Stewart-ism, but there's an interesting analogy worth pointing out. There was a Japanese game show a few years back that got picked up by Spike TV and 'translated' with a humorous slant. The show was called Most Extreme Challenge. One of the physical challenges was called Sinkers and Floaters and it clearly had a double-entendre.

The challenge was to successfully run/walk all the way across a pond via a bunch of stones, some of which floated when you stepped on them and some that would sink.

There's a parallel with the Obama administration in that it seems like a lot of people in the administration are sinking under the weight of their responsibilities. Not to mention the rating of the job they are doing as far as the secondary interpretation of sinkers and floaters goes. With respect to the latter, I'm not sure there are any floaters at this point aside from Obama's approval rating still being above the water mark.

In terms of sinking and floating, here's a partial breakdown so far.


John Deutch (somebody who has to get sunk)
Chas Freeman
Tom Daschle
Nancy Killefer
Bill Richardson
H. Rodgin Cohen
Annette Nazareth
Caroline Atkinson
Judd Gregg (although a floater as far as the GOP is concerned)
Hilda Solis (although she apparently floated back up from the bottom - who knew?)
Jon Cannon (NEW)
The remaining unappointed Treasury positions

Floaters (*including those in the process of sinking):

Barack Obama (*)
Joe Biden (always sinking but floating back up)
Rahm Emmanuel
Tim Geithner (*)
Robert Gibbs (*)
Janet Napolitano (*)
Arne Duncan
Tom Vilsack
Ken Salazar
Leon Panetta (should have sank)

Quite the track record; it sort of makes you wish it really were a Japanese game show.

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