March 12, 2009

Meet the new Boss...

Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that President Obama once more is taking up the tactics of his predecessor - something that was decried by Democrats, will now be embraced;

WASHINGTON -- Democrats often criticized the Bush White House for its use of the
presidential signing statement, a means by which the president can reject provisions of a bill he deems unconstitutional without vetoing the entire legislation. Now the approach is back.

President Barack Obama, after signing into law a $410 billion budget bill on Wednesday, declared five provisions in the bill to be unconstitutional and non-binding, including one that would effectively restrict U.S. troop deployments under U.N. command and another aimed at preventing punishment of whistleblowers.

The move came two days after Mr. Obama ordered a review of his predecessor's signing statements and said he would rein in the use of such declarations.

"As I announced this past Monday, it is a legitimate constitutional function, and one that promotes the value of transparency, to indicate when a bill that is presented for Presidential signature includes provisions that are subject to well-founded constitutional objections," Mr. Obama said in the statement.

More interestingly, he's seemingly in a turf war with Nancy Pelosi;

More broadly, Mr. Obama rejected demands that federal agencies reallocating appropriated funds first get explicit approval from congressional committees.
"Spending decisions shall not be treated as dependent on the approval of congressional committees," the signing statement said.

If this had been President Bush, all hell would be breaking loose over this.

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