March 29, 2009

Is this bizarro world?

The United States, drifting ever leftward as if the ballast on the ship is all on the port side, is in danger of hitting the European vessel as it is drifting right/starboard either in reality or just by comparison to the US ship. Bizarre.

Think back to the late 1970's and imagine telling people that the United States in 30 years would be considering nationalizing the banks, and potentially the insurance industry and a myriad of other industries. And in the process telling industries it does not nationalize how much it can pay it's employees. Bizarre.

Imagine telling people that the United States would have a multi-trillion dollar deficit and would be nationalizing the health care system, making it difficult to vote against unionization (card check), getting ready to negotiate with Iran, blaming Americans for gang violence in Mexico, and even seriously debating amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. Bizarre.

And to make the situation even more strange, the Labor leader prime minister of Great Britain is arguing for worldwide tax cuts, and the conservative chancellor of Germany says no because she's against increased deficits. The Czech leader of the European Union is saying that the American President's stimulus efforts are too socialistic. Russia and China are arguing to replace the American dollar as the standard currency reserve for the world and the Chinese are admonishing America for spending too much. How Bizarre? How Bizarre?


  1. Makes one feel like Alice in Wonderland, doesn't it?

  2. I'd like to post this (and possibly future) articles from your blog on mine. Do you mind? I'll link back accordingly of course :)

  3. As long as you link back. Of course it'd be nice to see where it's going...


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