March 2, 2009

Am I brilliant or what?

No, this is not a guest post by President Obama. No, it's not a statement of fact or even a rhetorical question. I'm not that egocentric. Perhaps there is a bit of gloating involved, but don't take it seriously; I'm no Rush Limbaugh. Faint praise for Mr. Limbaugh? Hardly. He's very good at what he does, he's intelligent and articulate and successful. He's even right 99.35% of the time. So he's not gloating either.

But I digress. Eight days ago I had predicted that the next couple of weeks would see below average temperatures. In light of the Global Warming protest in Washington D.C., this may have seemed like a stupid prediction to make.
But, some empirical evidence has dropped all over the south-eastern United States.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – A potent March snowstorm that blanketed much of Alabama with up to 4 inches of snow Sunday is heading to the Northeast, threatening to drop up to a foot of snow around Philadelphia, and even more in New York and southern New England.

In Georgia, the snowfall made roads treacherous and delayed flights, while in Alabama, more than 210 churches in the central part of the Bible Belt state had to cancel morning services.

Up to 7 inches of snow is expected through this morning in areas of Maryland, northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., where Mayor Adrian Fenty declared a snow emergency.

In New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced more than 1,300 sanitation workers would spread salt and plow city streets to prepare for the snowfall.

Here's some photographs of Atlanta,

I don't know, but that seems colder than usual to me. I'm just saying...

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