March 13, 2009

Obama Shouldn't Talk To Ahmadinejad

President Obama is reportedly reaching out to the Iranian regime. Why? Because he promised during the election that unconditional talks were not only acceptable but a good idea. Debatable. But okay, that's his position. The question is - how unconditional?

Wired is reporting that US fighter jets shot down an Iranian drone over Iraq;

An American fighter jet shot down an Iranian drone as it was flying over Iraq, U.S. military sources in Baghdad tell Danger Room.

Details of the previously-unreported shoot-down, which occurred last month, are still sketchy. But we do know that American commanders have long accused Tehran of supplying weapons and training to all sorts of Iraqi militant groups. Shi'ite militias fired Iranian rockets at U.S. troops in Iraq, according to the American military; Sunni militias allegedly used Iranian armor-piercing bombs to reduce U.S. vehicles to ribbons.

In early 2008, however, the torrent of Iranian weapons into Iraq slowed to a trickle, the U.S. said. And now, the new Obama administration is looking for ways to reach out to the Tehran regime -- dangling invitations to international conferences,
and offering promises of renewed relations.

Which means the drone incident comes at a particularly sensitive time.

Apparently it isn't all that sensitive. If the story is correct, then the President had to know about this last month, and still proceeded with trying to put feelers out to Iran to hold talks. So it doesn't matter that there is further tangible evidence that Iran is meddling in the Iraqi rebuilding effort and trying to consolidate it's regional power by undermining and potentially subjugating it's former enemy. It doesn't matter that Iran is still seeking to build nuclear warheads. Apparently nothing matters. Unconditional means unconditional.

Unlike the President, I'm speechless.


  1. John Hanson (1715-1783) was the first president (1780-1783) of the United States under the Confederation before the Constitution. He was an Oldenburg Moor, a black nobleman, and he, like, Elijah-Baptist-Mehdi, went to heaven in a chariot of fire and never died. He has returned as Obama!


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