October 15, 2011

Who is involved in the OWS movement?

Do these people speak for you?
The Occupy Wall street effort is garnering a lot of support from the usual suspects and a few who are a complete surprise.  But the movement is claiming it speaks for 99% of the country and there really isn't that sort of mass behind it in real numbers.  Regardless of who is behind it or who is involved, the real question goes deeper than the names and the message, it's the claims that they speak for all of us that need to be addressed.

But first - who supports this? George Soros of course is involved. He's heavily involved, though his spokespeople claim ignorance and he claims nothing.  And then there's the usual cadre of celebrities - everyone is familiar with Roseanne Barr's foolish comments.  No one would be surprised to hear that Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, Kanye West and Alec Baldwin are involved and/or supportive.  That's not really news.

Nor is the fact that the International Socialist Organization, and the ACLU are involved in San Francisco.  Of course so is Nancy Pelosi.  And big union labor is working its way in.  Again no surprise.  And then there's these people.

While it's not surprising that there is moral support from the New York Times and the likes of Paul Krugman, to have a columnist, Jeff Madrick divesting himself of journalistic integrity and actually helping out.

But are you ready for this?  Salmon Rushdie.  Okay, who cares but what about these two?  GOP candidate Buddy Roemer.  GOP candidate Ron Paul?

The OWS effort is looking to supplant the Tea Party effort and co-opt the frustration nationwide into a more progressive agenda.  The news media is already talking about the movement in Tea Party proportions and the timing couldn't be better for Democrats.  While this effort is large enough to merit media coverage, it is not yet the same in scope or size.

My question is whether the Tea Party is going to sit on the sidelines for this because the movement claims it stands for 99% of the population but that's clearly not the case.

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