October 23, 2011

A King Shamus post worth re-reading

Is this King Shamus?
King Shamus deftly tackles the Gaddafi capture and killing, discussing everything from liberal hypocrisy in chest thumping, to the post-Gaddafi geo-political impacts of his death.  Here's his take on the latter;
...according to President Obama’s logic, America simply had to help throw out Khadafi, even though our short and long term interests would’ve been better served by keeping him around. Meanwhile, Bashar al-Assad still hasn’t taken a laser-guided thermobaric curbstomp. The Iranian mullahs, who somehow managed to keep power even after the 2009 Persian uprising should’ve shown America just how brittle the Tehran theocracy really is, have yet to be shown the business end of a J-Dam. 

It would be a far better and much more stable world if our real enemies were punished for their actions. But then again, is stability really what Obama is seeking to create in the world? His actions in Libya suggest he has some other goal in mind.
I would add to King Shamus' list of reasons to be happy that a murderous dictator is gone just one thing. There is no longer any need to reconcile the myriad spellings of his name in the media to determine which one to use when talking about him, because we won't be.


  1. Thank you so much for the linkage, man.

    But wait, Gaddafi is dead? I thought Khafaffi was killed. I R confuzzled.


    Again, thanks man. I appreciate it.


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