October 12, 2011

Obama: Don't split up my bill

Obama: Don't split up my bill. Wait, it's okay to split up my bill.

The Democrat controlled Senate did not pass the President's jobs bill.  Why?  It simply was a bad bill.  The president had insisted the bill be passed without changes.  He wanted to blame a do nothing Congress if it did fail to pass, for the problems the country faced.

But since the democrat controlled Senate didn't pass it, he's going to break it into pieces and try to pass as many pieces as possible, and hopefully for him (politically), most of them don't pass and he can still blame Congress for not caring about high unemployment.  That's how he plans to run his re-election campaign.  Color many people unimpressed.

The obvious flaw in the re-election logic is that the Congress can pass their own bills and try to blame the President for being tone-deaf to ideas of others.  You know, because he is.

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