October 11, 2011

Christie endorses Romney - no biggie.

The not-running-for-GOP-nomination New Jersey governor Chris Christie has endorsed the not not-Romney candidate Mitt Romney for president.  I'm not sure that's a game changer.  Much of the support for Christie (and hence the weight of his endorsement - no pun intended) is a mile wide and an inch deep (certainly no pun intended).  The point is, Christie, perceived as a true conservative but not so much by those who know him more intimately, has endorsed the GOPs most likely RINO candidate.

This might on the surface look like a coup for Romney, but I question whether it will do more to discredit Christie than to aid and abet Romney.  This is especially true on the heels of Christie flirting with a run of his own at the last minute.  The timing is curious as well, in relation to Christie's decision not to run himself.  Was he promised a VP slot for the endorsement?  Whether he has or not, the question will get asked (see, it just was).

Christie, if he were playing the long game for his own career should have followed the example of Palin and held off on an endorsement for the foreseeable future.

The interesting paradigm here is that not only does Romney lead in New Hampshire but he's even with Herman Cain in Iowa.  The latter is really unexpected.


UPDATE:  Georgia in the comments recommended this Newsy piece on the ho hum reaction to the Christie endorsement;


  1. I really enjoyed your commentary on Christie’s endorsement of Romney--especially whether it will do more to hurt Christie than to affect Romney. I thought you might like this Newsy video (http://www.newsy.com/videos/christie-endorses-romney-s-pres-campaign/) on the topic...it goes into political analysts’ reaction, as well as that of the media, to the announcement. Feel free to embed!

    Take care,

  2. Thanks Georgia - I'll check it out right now!


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