October 30, 2011

Obama scandal free since 2008. Are you kidding me?

Jonathon Alter is either as sharp as a tennis ball or as dishonest as the man he seeks to glorify.  Get this from his recent Bloomberg article;
Although it’s possible that the Solyndra LLC story will become a classic feeding frenzy, don’t bet on it. Providing $535 million in loan guarantees to a solar-panel maker that goes bankrupt was dumb, but so far not criminal or even unethical on the part of the administration. These kinds of stories are unlikely to derail Obama in 2012. If he loses, it will be because of the economy -- period.

Even so, the president’s Teflon is intriguing. How did we end up in such a scandal-less state? After investigating the question for a recent Washington Monthly article, I’ve been developing some theories.
Beyond Solyndra (which does have scandalous issues to be dealt with - improper vetting among them) there's Gunwalker, Van Jones, to name just a few.  If you are looking for a running total, there's a pretty good list here.  If you read Alter's article you'll either pull your hair out or laugh until your stomach muscles hurt.  You'd swear he was in 2008 happy unicorn magic mode. Alter is flat out wrong on this and it's so bad it's disgusting.

Not only are there the obvious scandals but there are the work-arounds with lobbyists that I mentioned in recent posts that attempt to subvert the reality by maintaining an image of purity while allowing the president to operate outside of his own promises under the radar.

Alter's article is head-in-the-sand, liberal feel-good tripe.  Pretend everything is great as far as Obama's purity goes and hope no one calls you on it.  Maybe down the road you can outweigh the opposition's claim of bad economic stewardship by arguing that character matters (it will play well into the Romney flip-flop mantra that the White House is planning to use).  I'm calling Alter out on it though. Obama is a sullied president, period.

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