October 29, 2011

Obama's transparency flip flop

Researching stuff for posts often reminds one of the promises The One made back in the early days of his candidacy and the shocking  terribleness of his actual record.  I'm more than happy to share some of the reminders.

Here's Obama in the heyday of his popularity, displaying what transparency will mean;

In practice it's quite different. Put every lobbyist visit on the books he said. There's this. They don't have to go on the books if the meeting isn't at the White House.  Isn't that convenient?

And then there's this notion: Every corporation that will benefit from a tax bill being debated in Congress will be known? Had anyone heard of Solyndra during the stimulus 'debate' ? To be fair, the president didn't say when Americans would know the name. I guess he accidentally left that part out.  Or maybe he meant that people would find out during the aftermath and scandal.

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