October 29, 2011

Obama's record: Taliban victory is a symptom

Fox News is reporting another attack on NATO forces in Afghanistan. Kabul is the location of the latest attack, which seems to be part of a Taliban ramping up of efforts on the heels of the Iraq pullout and ongoing Afghanistan troop draw down.
Afghanistan -- A U.S. official says all 13 NATO service members killed in a suicide bombing in the Afghan capital were American troops.
The Taliban is going to win the PR war.  Democrats constantly banged the drum that Bush failed to win the peace. Aside from being in the right place at the right time to kill Osama Bin Laden, president Obama has not done anything substantive to win the peace.  What's worse, is the fact that leading up to the eventual withdrawal  of U.S. and NATO forces, the Taliban is winning the PR war.  They'll eventually be able to claim (erroneously) that they drove the U.S. out.  It will create fear in the Afghan population.  They could bulldoze their way back into power.  They likely will.

It's symptomatic of a very large problem. Cluelessness.

Karzai meanwhile is saying he'd side with Pakistan in a what-if war with the United States.  Score another victory for radicalism in the region.

The President could have stood up with the people of Iran during the green revolution.  He did not.  Radical Islamists still lead the country and future suppression will be as brutal as necessary.  He could have had a better plan for transitions in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He didn't. He could have been smarter in his approaches with Egypt and Libya and he wasn't.  Instead those countries (as well as Tunisia) are on the road to radical Muslim leadership. He could have been more supportive of Israel. He seriously wasn't.  Friends have been treated as villains and villains treated with respect.  The message that sends to radical Muslims is that they have free reign to make inroads in their countries without an significant resistance from the United States.

The president's reactive and non-strategic approaches to all of these issues are emblematic of the 3 a.m. call issue Hillary Clinton raised about Obama during the 2008 primaries.  The president deserves to be hammered on these issues because he has been uniformly inept in his handling of diplomacy and foreign relations.  An absolute failure does not deserve a reward of another four years at the helm of the U.S. government.

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