October 13, 2011

Breaking: Gingrich leaps Perry

After the debate I posited that Cain had won the debate, Romney did well enough but did not win simply by virtue of not losing.  I suggested that Perry lost and that Gingrich continued to perform well.  The latest two polls out seem to confirm my points, although they are up to the day before the poll, the trends seem to be directional.  In other words, the debate will probably solidify the direction of these candidates.

Granted, I didn't think Gingrich would benefit much from his performance but it's starting to look like his efforts may be paying off.

Public Policy Polling released poll results yesterday with these somewhat surprising results;
Raleigh, N.C. – After jumping in front of the leadoff caucus race in PPP’s Tuesday release from Iowa, Herman Cain holds an identical 30-22 lead over Mitt Romney in the national standings. Newt Gingrich lags with 15% to Rick Perry’s 14%, Michele Bachmann’s and Ron Paul’s 5%, Jon Huntsman’s 2%, Rick Santorum’s 1%, and Gary Johnson’s less than 1%. Perry is down a shocking 17 points in the last month; he led with 31% in PPP’s September poll. In his stead, Cain has jumped 22 points from sixth place. Gingrich is up a nominal five points, and Romney four, while Paul is down six, and Bachmann four.
Gingrich in third? That's not a surprise - he continues to perform well in the debates.  NBC/Wall Street Journal latest results over the same period does not have Gingrich performing as well, but the results are basically in line.  It puts Cain at27%, Romney at 23%, Perry at 16%, Paul at 11% and Gingrich at 8%.  But that poll is among registered voters, not likely voters.

And just now, Drudge Report is saying Rasmussen is also putting Gingrich in third with Cain 29%, Romney 29% and Gingrich 10%. The results don't seem to be posted on Rasmussen yet.

UPDATE: Here's the Rasmussen link.

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