October 2, 2011

Two word opinions

What does it all mean?
I'm going to be busy today, so here's some more quick opinions on subjects that I'd mostly want to spend more time on, but for now, I'm just getting on record with something.  Call it a place holder.  In other cases, two words is more time than a subject needs and you can consider it a dismissal of the topic as irrelevant.  I'll leave it to you to decide which you believe is which.

Chris Christie is now thinking of running for president in 2012?  Not happening.

No word from Sarah Palin on her run, despite her self-imposed September deadline. Not happening.

Protesters 'occupying' Wall Street to protest corporate greed.  Yawn.

"Pass this bill." See above.

Fast and Furious Friday news dump - the administration knew more than they told us.  Uh oh.

NC Governor Bev Perdue (she of the let's put a hold on democracy fame) is apparently involved in a land deal that the AP has been investigating. Scandal soon?

That's all for now.  Enjoy your Sunday.

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