October 24, 2011

The horrible, horrible "what if" of American decline

Let me start by saying that this is a "what if" scenario and I do not subscribe to it whatsoever. It is purely speculative and no inferences about my belief in its viability as a theory should be made.


What if it is deliberate?  What if the decline of America is a deliberate, guided journey by those who feel they would benefit from a world without the United States?  And just who might that be?

What if the rich, believing themselves beyond government (but not understanding that they are not beyond the principles of what is right as defined by the Constitution), see it as a mere toy to be broken?

What if they want it broken for no other reason than that it does not best serve their selfish interests as well as it used to or what they could put in it's place?  Why else would the rich vote for a party that is bankrupting their working environment (i.e. the Democrats)?

What if they've gotten what they need out of America and they are now content to pull the institutions apart?

What if a wealthy Connecticut banker is no more beholden to you than they are to a citizen of Bangladesh, who is much easier to exploit for labor?

What if the Chinese have figured out that one multi-millionaire useful idiot is worth more than a million poor useful-idiots and have decided to co-opt the rich into destroying America because they can do it far faster?  And why wouldn't the Chinese want their biggest geo-political rival removed or at least diminished?

Indeed, what if? I don't claim to have any answers to those questions, or to be able to know the impacts on the United States if any of that is true.  I just hope that none of it is true. And in the bigger picture, while decline is the flavor du jour, is American decline an inevitability?  Did this president slam the door on the American future so tightly, that the country is ruined forever?  Absolutely not.  I know I'm not alone on that.

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