October 29, 2011

Say Anything Romney becomes a climate warming skeptic

Flip-flop alert!  Flip-flop alert!

People are entitled to change their minds.  People learn from experiences and learn from what goes on around them, so changing an opinion is not a bad thing.  But in the span of a few months, a change this dramatic is a change of convenience.  Mitt Romney has gone from climate change believer to climate change skeptic in short order.  This is politics of convenience.  It's say anything politics at its worst.

The days of saying one thing to one audience and the opposite to another are gone.  This is the Internet era where those discrepancies get caught out quickly.  

Those of you backing Mitt - this isn't the first time he's flip flopped.  What gives you confidence he's going to stick to his word (whichever version you like) if he gets elected?  Are you sticking by him because you think he's the most electable candidate who can defeat Obama?

If so take a look at the evidence below and forget about the flip flop angle.  Look at it from an electability standpoint.  Look at the top right corner.  See that Think Progress stamp?  Those are far left people at Think Progress.  Don't you think the left are licking their chops at the prospect of running against a flip flopper?  They'd love to John-Kerry Mitt Romney.  They are preparing for it, they are planning for it, and he's giving them the ammunition.

Most electable?  Not when the time comes, no.

The evidence

June 2011- Mitt Romney in a nutshell says global warming is real, influenced by man and greenhouse pollution must be reduced:

 Fast forward a couple of months to October 2011 - 'We Don't Know What's Causing Climate Change'

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