October 4, 2011

More Durbin Olbiviousness

Dick Durbin encourages people to get out of Bank of America because he doesn't like their debit card fee - a fee he caused to happen.

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Guess what Dick, a run is not happening on the bank, it's happening on your political party.


  1. Was he calling for a run on gas stations charging too much, or restaurants that raised their menu prices, or grocery stores that are charging more for ... oh anything with corn in it? NO!

    Personally I don't use a debit card. If I did, I might look into switching banks, but a US Senator calling for a run on the bank because of a maximum annual increase of $60!?

  2. Seems like an over-reaction to me too.

    Personally, I use a debit card for about 80% of my daily transactions. I'd expect other banks to follow suit and I'd shop around for the best deal too, but not because Durbin says so.


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