October 14, 2011

Bill Whittle's harsh response to Occupy Wall Street.

This is harsh, but it is 100% right.  I've worked hard for most of my life and I've been at times lazy too.  At least on the few occasions when I'm feeling lazy and inert I feel guilty about it.  These protesters clearly don't.  Bill Whittle has the solution and it is a really good solution that will never happen.  Nevertheless, hear him out.

Have you ever been camping?  Not in an RV, in a tent - with bugs, and having to collect your own firewood and oppressive heat and no phones and limited luxuries like maybe a cooler.  I have - it's tough.  And that's in a controlled setting.  I could go to the park store and buy ice for the cooler.  People just don't realize how easy they have it and they think they have it hard.  

Yes you go to post secondary school and you rack up mounds of debt.  That's why you go to work to pay it off.  NOTHING is free - EVER.  Why should your student loan be forgiven - you were GIVEN an education when you couldn't afford it on the assumption that you would repay it.  You have acquired knowledge in exchange for your debt.  Your balance sheet is still working in your favor unless you were stupid enough to take gender anger studies or Marxist diatribes as your major.  You were given something and you do have to pay for it.  That's fair trade.  And you have to pay whatever the going rate is to keep that hippy dippy professor up to his or her hairy armpits in decaf lattes every day of his or her shower free tenure.

Yes you have to get a job and yes, it might not be a great one to start - nobody owes you a job as a CEO and getting rid of capitalism is a cop out answer to ridding yourself of debt.  It's a cop out because nothing works better than capitalism.  Centuries of amazing progress have taught us that.  As Bill Whittle points out, somebody has to do these thing like generate electricity and kill cows for your burgers. Except for a few people, nobody wants to go back to an agrarian society where we don't even know about penicillin. So that Marxism over capitalism thing isn't going to work.  That and the fact that people are indeed lazy in this sense - if your food, health care and every need is granted for free, you will not work 220 days a year to produce hemp-powered bicycles for someone else because you don't have to do so in order to sleep in a bed.  So guess what no bicycles for everyone and no beds either.

I explained the idea of  why "everything should be free" just can't work to my 10 year old son the other day.  He gets it.  Some people haven't heard the explanation or don't want to hear it.  I say give them 3.5 days a year with Bill Whittle and they might wise up.

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