October 31, 2011

Democrats Replay Old Script on Cain

Remember me?
It looks like the Democrats are getting a little worried about Herman Cain.  He's black, he's conservative, and he's winning.  That shoots a hole into their liberal narrative - a big hole.  So they have to do what they can to derail him as quickly as possible.  This is bigger than derailing Mitt Romney whom they view to be the likely nominee because the narrative on African Americans is that their only hope for a better future is to always vote Democrat.  The problem is we can spot an old playbook play when we see one and the proper defense is to counter this story with the truth as hard and as often as possible.

Via AP:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Herman Cain is refusing to answer questions about a Politico report that said Cain had been accused of sexually suggestive behavior toward at least two female employees.
Well that didn't take long.  Luckily, the smoking man was quick to respond;
Mark Block on MSNBC's "Daily Rundown" this morning: "Let me tell you that Herman Cain has never sexually harassed anybody, period. End of story. The only people who spoke publicly about the story in that article are the ones that were in the best position to know.
"They were the Chair, Vice Chair and immediate past chair of the National Restaurant Association during Herman Cain's tenure. Yet all three -- and all three said that he was a man of total integrity. Every negative word and accusation in the article is sourced to a series of unnamed or anonymous sources, and this is questionable at best. I am not personally aware of any cash settlement relating to sexual harassment charges to Mr. Cain."
But this is an old play by the Democrats.  How do you respond to a successful, conservative African American?  Paint him as a sexist, philandering, sexual harassment type. Remember Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill?  They tried to discredit Clarence Thomas the same way.  The theory is the slander will have some stickiness regardless of the eventual truth.  In elections it's far more valuable than it is in appointments.  That's what they are banking on.

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