October 26, 2011

How soon after Obama loses...

No really - this will work.
I've got a question.  After Obama loses the next election (and he will), how long will it take the media or the far left, to turn on the American public for reverting to racism and fear?  Especially racism.  I say, the same night.

The drumbeat will be about how the country wasn't ready for a black president and they overlooked his intelligence and brilliance as a result. They will surmise that the country really wasn't as sophisticated as they thought back in 2008.  Perhaps Obama tapped into an underlying desire from voters but they would ultimately revert to clinging to their guns and bibles.  The country wasn't ready for a man ahead of his time.

It will be driven by a desire to cover their own exuberance at the 2008  Obama victory, and a desire to angrily explain away why the public departed from their core beliefs and their narrative.  But make no mistake, it will happen.  There will be a period of media soul searching afterwards, and then they'll come back hard against Republicans.


  1. What will be sickening is Obama will then be the lame brains 'elder statesman' ala Bill Clinton. I...I...I...I'm feeling nauseated.

  2. I'm afraid it's to late for that! The MSM and the left in general turned to Racism the moment Americans got their heads out of their rears and started questioning his policies and positions. In this PC correct age, "resistance is Futile" As such, disagreeing with him has to be racist! After all, the MSM has no other wat to defend this guy! Only hate!

  3. They will continue to defend him after he loses the office.

  4. I am not sure about your premise. I think that of course their will some of that, but even the people in the media have family and friends who are really hurting and see that some of his policies have not worked.

  5. True, but the media have a different frame of reference because of their ideological slant: (i) it's Bush's fault this problem is so bad (ii) it's the Republicans' fault because they won't support Obama's jobs bill.

    I think that colors their perception of his success or failure. They will still be swooning about Obamacare and that will swamp the economy stuff for them given that the economic recovery problem as they see it, is not his fault.


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