October 7, 2011

Occupy Wall Street? Wait, what haven't you occupied?

Image: ABC.com
If the protesters who want to occupy Wall Street want think that be de-coupling power and wealth from Wall Street they will achieve a progressive nirvana, they are sorely mistaken.  I have one simple question for the protesters - over the past three years, what haven't you occupied?  

If you are one of those protesters, your hope and change candidate won the White House in 2008.  For the first two years of his presidency he was blessed with a complicit Congress and Senate.  You controlled the legislative branch of government as well as the executive.  The judicial branch was and is largely populated by liberals.  The president appointed your people to the various agencies - Van Jones for example - as well as the courts.

You occupy the big unions.  You occupy the big businesses that are friendly to president Obama - GE for example.  You occupy the press with sympathizers - so at least you occupy the narrative.  You occupy the companies the government 'rescued' - GM for example.  And you occupy a number of banks - hey, isn't that Wall Street?  So stop with your phony multi-messaged hydra of demands.  Stop pretending you don't already have the power you claim to speak. 

If you were going to accomplish anything, you already would have done so over the last few years.  You haven't got everything you've wanted because everyone else - and we're talking real volumes of people, not people hired in to protest, have finally stood up and said enough.

That sentiment hasn't expired.  Get a hair cut, take a shower and get a real job (or a job).  Or go back to school and learn something other than green feminist world politics so you can get a real job.  As a movement, you aren't impressing anyone and you aren't convincing anyone.  Your phony movement might make some splashy headlines but it's not going to last.  Go check the Alinsky rules - your required effort will exceed your ability to maintain that effort.

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