October 5, 2011

Palin is NOT running. Now what?

Word is Palin's out.  It's not a big surprise, although going beyond her own deadline and then announcing on Mark Levin's show I find curious.  Going beyond her self-imposed deadline makes me think she was really considering it up to the last minute.  As for Mark Levin's show - why not Fox, why not on Rush Limbaugh's show.  Why not before the evening news cycle?  It's like a back door exit. Not running may not have helped her credibility but to minimize that, she could have gone out Christie style - being forthright, upfront and facing the music.

What does it mean for the GOP?  Given that a Palin run would have split the anybody-but-Romney vote 3 ways (her, Perry and Cain), she did a service to the conservative wing of the Republican party.  In hindsight, she missed her window, but looking forward, she may have done something to help the country towards a more fiscally responsible future.  As for her own future she does have a voice, like Christie, to speak up for candidates and for conservative causes.  She has an opportunity to become a part of a future administration (Drill Baby Drill Czar?).

Most definitely, more to follow.

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