October 21, 2011

Hey GOP: Step-by-Step guide on following Reagan's 11th Commandment

You recall Reagan's 11th commandment? In case you don't, here's a visual:

Apparently some of the GOP contenders for the 2012 nomination have sadly, forgotten it.  I won't name names but the term "two of the front runners" comes to mind.  But there's a way to debate each other that doesn't violate that commandment.  If you campaigners can't figure it out for yourselves, I have a suggestion.

It's really not too complicated.  During the debates, take this tack when you want to dispute an opponent.

Start with this assumption and clearly state it; anyone here would make a good president. All of them are better than the current administration and would represent a great improvement over Obama. But right now America needs not just a good president but an exceptional president.  That is because circumstances have become so dire and have not just been neglected by this president but indeed greatly exacerbated. The exceptional president that is needed is me. Here's why. 

Simple - you make the case that your ideas are more sound than other sound ideas.  A civil war, a GOP bloodbath does not help anyone here, except president Obama.

Here's another opportunity.  When talking about the perceived problem with another candidate's plan take a similar approach.  Agree with the objective (which is typically, but not always the case).  Then you can state how your plan gets around the problem with their plan.

Then there's damage control.  People have already taken a few shots at each other and these shots against whomever the eventual nominee will be, will get resurrected in the general election by Team Obama.   How does that get handled?  Two ways - one the person who did it needs to step back from the comments obviously.  Secondly, the person who won, needs to point out "I won in spite of those accusations, that person lost and trying to dredge up those old arguments that have already been factored in to my abilities and qualifications.  Trying to discredit me on that is not relevant to this debate or to the people of America."

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