October 29, 2011

Saturday Learning Series - Enron: Business and Morality

In the continuing series from Yale professor Douglas W. Rae, behind the Enron story from an insider's point of view.  The focus is on business and morality.  As a conservative, business is critical in my view of American success, but that success needs to be real and solid.  Fictitious profits and success that isn't real isn't helpful, it's the moral equivalent of a ponzi scheme.

We shouldn't allow the notion to take hold that conservatives don't care about anything but success and morality be damned.  Morality is key and it leads to steady long-term growth as opposed to the get rich quick mentality that has contributed to American decay.

Morality and success are complementary, not in opposition to each other.  Enron provides a great example of the short cut mentality which is the business-related flip side of the entitlement mentality of so many of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

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