October 4, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - Duped by progressive elite, again

Van Jones wants you to march (it stirs the pot and keeps him in the headlines). President Obama wants you to march because it's free publicity for his re-election campaign.  It also gets you mobilized which will help turn you out for the next election.  Warren Buffett wants you to march because it helps him too - he gets to keep an ally in the White House who will allow him to say he wants to pay more taxes while paying less than he should.

You are a dupe.  You are being tricked, and you are being used.

The focus of the occupy Wall Street effort is in fact, not focused.  It's about corporate greed, it's about global warming, it's about student loans, it's about anything and everything, and they've got you fighting a straw man bogeyman.

Go back to your classes and try to better your life yourself because I can guarantee you the president won't do it for you.  There's one of him and hundreds of millions of Americans.  Who do you think will have the most immediate and impactful influence on your life - him or you?

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