October 17, 2011

Big news: CLASS is over

Calling it classy doesn't make it so.
In a news dump worth of singling out the Obama administration announced late Friday that the CLASS Act (a misnomer if ever there was one) was going to be dropped.  It's a big, big deal regarding Obamacare that will do nothing to derail the overall program from charging forward with reckless abandon.  

In a Friday bad-news dump that was a whopper even by its own standards, the Obama administration added to the announcement of a near-record annual deficit and an escalation of undeclared war in Uganda the news that the CLASS Act, an ill-conceived adjunct of the Affordable Care Act, is no more. The upshot is this: Obamacare just got a whole lot more expensive than advertised, and there is reason to believe that its Democratic architects have long known this would happen.
The Community Living Assistance Services and Support Act was the brainchild of the late senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, and it was supposed to be a kind of Social Security that provided long-term care for the elderly. It figured heavily into the Democrats’ dubious accounting of the cost of the Affordable Care Act, and at the time of passage was expected to account for $70 billion out of a total $143 billion in “deficit reduction” claimed in the bill.
Just because CLASS is over, it doesn't mean Obamacare is over too.  It isn't, it just got far more expensive.  At least that's visibly true because the  creators of this cluster bomb knew this already.  CLASS was an accounting ploy worthy of ENRON.  The GOP need a "grandma off the cliff in a wheel chair" commercial right now - except it should be 1000's of grandmas and then 1000's of kids, because that pictorializes exactly what this means.

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