January 19, 2010


So Scott Brown won the Massachusetts Senate race 52% to 47%. By 100,000 votes.

Chris Matthews' leg tingle is now related to an oncoming stroke.

The Democrats are pointing so many fingers it looks like a Hands Across America moment.

But the Democrats are going to stall seating Brown as much as a snobby French waiter would an American customer.

It's been a historical night. A deep blue state has turned purple faster than a bruise the on President Obama's ego.

The loss for the Democrats was more than just one seat - I was a financial loss too. The SEIU wasted more money supporting Coakley than Eliot Spitzer spent on hookers.

And now we get to see if 44 is greater than 41. This time I think it won't be.

Okay enough of that. Congratulations Senator Brown. Now go get 'em.

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