January 19, 2010

Vote! (For Brown)

If you happen to be a resident of Massachusetts and also one of my many readers (not really), then please go vote for Scott Brown for Senate today. I know the intersection of those two criteria might mean I'm probably talking to one or two guys but every vote counts.

Don't give in to inclement weather - every vote matters. Don't believe the polls - this election is not a lock for either candidate. Every vote matters. I've heard Brown by 4 and by 6. It's going to be less than 2 and possibly less than 1. The Democrats are not energized but they just might turn out anyway given the poll momentum. Special elections are notoriously tough to predict anyway.

What can Brown do for you? He can serve to halt more government profligate spending. He'll stop Democrats from answering to no one. He has proven to be a tireless worker, and his campaign has disproved the myth about a purge of moderate conservatives within the GOP. Conservatives are still a big tent party with conservatives of all stripes from across the country pitching in to help Brown in any way they legally can.

So please do your part. Massachusetts can do the country 'a solid' today. Please go vote for Scott Brown for U.S. Senate.

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