January 6, 2010

Dorgan, Dodd just prove the fix is in.

Byron Dorgan announced his retirement from the Senate yesterday.  Chris dodd will announce his today. What does it mean? The fix is in for the health care bill to become law.

Yesterday I wrote that the Democrats might be stealthily managing a home run on health care by pretending to be secretive, giving President Obama room to veto the bill for just that reason. They could then run through the same 'debate' on C-SPAN and get it passed. They have the votes.

It would allow Obama to capture some glory for being post-partisan. It would allow him to fulfill a campaign promise - more points scored. Undoubtedly it would help his poll numbers.

The bill would still pass - every 'dissenter' stepped in line in the end when it mattered. The bill would go back to the President a second time and he would sign it.  Another win for Democrats. The only down side - the public still hates the plans. Democrats have to fall on their swords for this. But this is their latest Mt. Everest. It's bigger than them. So they will sacrifice their careers for it.

What's the smartest way to do that? Vote for it and then do not run for re-election. Yesterday two more Senators - a high profile one in Dodd's case - let it be known they will not seek re-election. Byron Dorgan and Chris Dodd (whose official announcement comes today) will not be up for office in 2010. My increasingly suspicious nature on this is not being helped. This health care travesty is a done deal. The blood oaths have been signed. There will be no turning back for Democrats.

Somehow, they believe that the culprits clearing the way will ensure a new crop of liberals will hold the Democrat line. Short of America's own velvet revolution, not allowing the Democratic party off the hook in November is the least Americans can or should do.

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