January 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Roundup

Here's a Sunday morning roundup of some political discussion around the web.

The Hill reports;
The $700 billion bailout program for the financial industry has so far done little to boost bank lending, aid small businesses or reduce home foreclosures, a top government watchdog said in a report.

Also from The Hill, Dick Armey gets it;
Armey (R-Texas) explained in an interview that “in 1994 all we had to say to America was trust us, we aren’t them, and nobody ever remembered being disappointed in us in the majority. Now we have to say, ‘trust us, we’re not them and we’re not the guys that broke your hearts a few years ago.’ So they have a bigger task. But that’s not an insurmountable task.”

From Roll Call, it turns out that 8 of the 10 richest people in Congress are Democrats - the same party that brought you class warfare. By the way, Democrat Charlie Rangel spent over $500,000 in legal fees - in the last quarter.

Politico has two reports about health care - one claiming Democrats believe the health care ball is on the 5 yeard line, perhaps because the other indicates that Olympia Snowe has been talking with the Democrats about it.

The Washington Post continues to try to force the wedge between the GOP and the grass roots Tea Parties. the left's agenda is not to siphon off votes from the GOP to the Democrats, but rather to dampen the grass roots and independents expected turnout in November - something that will help protect incumbents, particularly Democrats.

Gallup has Obama's approval even - appproval/disapproval 47/47 and Rasmussen meanwhile saw a huge spike in his strong approval ratings, leaving him a mere 7 points underwater versus strong disapproval, and his overall approval/disapproval also back to even at 50/50.

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