January 5, 2010

Deception, Greed, Corruption - Thy Name Is Also Democrat

The band 54-40 had a song back in 2000 called Casual Viewing. Near the start of the song the following verses:

If you ride upon the tiger
You can never get off,
They get hungry.

The context is as part of a modern day parable about greed and getting stuck in something that might have seemed like a good idea at the outset.  The band's political message, while clearly not aligned with a conservative movement, certainly has some lessons for the modern Democrat party in America - they are greedy, corrupt and caught in a web of deception of their own making.

They are locked into the lies about global warming.  They are locked into the lies about health care imrpoving under their supposed cure-all plan.  The are locked into lies about ACORN and even their own real agenda.

There are lies;

More lies.

There is greed.

And there is corruption;

And there is even arrogance. They plan to ram as much through as possible in the mistaken belief that people aren't upset at their ideas or spending but rather their inability so far to overcome the resistence to it all. In other words, people love us, they hate those who are against us and they want us to hurry up and fix everything and overcome the resistence to our great ideas.

It's hard to believe Democrats don't care about the bald-faced self-serving nature of their actions, but if the shoe fits...

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