January 8, 2010

9 Reasons The Unemployment Rate Is Bad News For Democrats

James Pethpkoukis at Reuters has 9 Reasons the Democrats could see things get worse because of the December unemployment rate.

And he missed a few.
Here's a few more.

10. The jobs summit is going to seem more like political opportunism now than ever before. That won't help the poll numbers, it will drive cynicism about it.

11. Losing jobs in the December holiday shopping season doesn't look healthy. It means if that was say February, it would have been a more substantial loss of employment.

12. Three million jobs have been lost since the stimulus bill became law.

13. President Obama seems to still be stuck on green jobs. Dogma before practicality at this point seems suicidal.

All in all, expect to see unhealthy unemployment figures through 2010, and more Democrat losses than previous estimates might have indicated.

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