January 7, 2010

Web Poll - worst political move of 2009?

Share your opinion, what was the worst political move of 2009? Arlen Specter switch parties to stay in power, only to find the Democrats in tough for 2010? Rod Blagojevich's underhanded dealings? Ben Nelson's sellout? President Obama's managing of his poll numbers?

Share your opinion on the craziness that was 2009 politics.

Worst Political Move of 2009

What was the worst political move of 2009

Sen. Arlen Specter switching parties to win re-election in 2010
Sen. Ben Nelson selling his vote for health care reform
Nancy Pelosi / Harry Reid scheming ways to pass health care reform
Janet Napolitano claiming the system worked on Christmas
Rod Blagojevich selling Obama's Senate seat
ACORN caught supporting prostitution
Republicans not being enough behind the Tea Party Movement
Barack Obama's poll numbers dropping like a stone

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