January 22, 2010

Obama Not Quite Right

Saying President Obama is not quite right, from the perspective of the political spectrum, is akin to saying President Reagan is not quite communist. In other words, it is redundant and self-evident. But President Obama is also not quite right in his latest town hall address to an audience in Elyria Ohio.

He said:

"The long process of getting things done runs headlong into the special interests, their armies of lobbyists and partisan politics aimed at exploiting fears instead of getting things done."

He's not quite right. As usual the President is saying those who disagree with him are special interest, lobbyists for the aforementioned no-goodnicks, or crafty evil partisans. Because that's what America expects to hear from it's first post-racial, post-partisan leader. Recrimination and acrimony.

As I said - he's not quite right. In case it's not clear to whom the President is referring, it's us. Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party activists. And here's why we are the bad guys according to him: we are exploiting fears instead of getting things done.

There's two important mistakes in that. (1) we are not exploiting fears we are EXPERIENCING them. In the face of massive spending and over reach, it's the right thing to feel. Left alone, this will run its liberal course and end badly for the country. (2) Instead of saying getting things done, he should have said getting HIS things done. It's because we don't want them. When you see things happening you don't like, you either look away or stand in the way. Main Street America has done the former too long and has finally been pushed too far. It's over Johnny. We've decided to stand in the way. We actually are getting things done - we're putting a stop to a travesty.

When that work is done, then we'll focus on getting the right things done. Until then get used to disappointment Mr. President.

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