January 28, 2010

Coming Soon: An Obama Agenda

I've had time to digest the Obama State of the Union, unfortunately not enough time to organize my notes an put together a detailed analysis. That's coming soon, although I think the title really encapsulates the State of the Union address, which seemed a lot like a rudderless ship.

A few other possible titles I'm mulling over for my analysis;

-Stand Pat and Don't Deliver
-Obama Repacked, Not Rebranded
-Not New, Not Improved - Same Old Obama
-Not A Pivot As Much As A Shotgun Approach
-All Over The Map? Obama Doesn't Need No Stinkin' Map!

Do you have any title preferences or suggestions? How about a theme for the post? Post them in the comments section. There's a lot of material to work with. So changing the slant of the post should be simple enough.

For example as I noted last night on Twitter, when President Obama mentioned America must lead the clean energy future;

America will lead with windmills. Way to go Don Quixote.

As I said, The analysis will be coming soon. I haven't had a chance to work on it today - thankfully, I have a job - so the post might be a bit late. And for the record Mr. President - you didn't save my job, and no it's not your place to do so. Just stay out of the way and I'll take care of it myself, along with my employer.

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