January 21, 2010

Obama Report Card - Year 1

  • Gitmo closed down? Check.
  • Cap and Trade law? Check.
  • Health care reform passed? Check.
  • Terror attacks not happening? Okay.
  • Chicago Olympic Bid? Bingo.
  • Deficit? Ballooning.
  • Virginia Governor? Republican.
  • New Jersey Governor? Republican.
  • Massachusetts Senator? Republican.
  • Approval Rating? Dropping.
  • Iraq? Still there.
  • Afghanistan? Ramping up.
  • Iran nuclear program? Full gear.
  • Russia, China? Not friendlier.

You know, I have to say from a domestic agenda perspective at least, he's done a great job for conservatives. His big ticket items all have been failures. And his only successes have been unbridled spending which has turned the public against him. Good news for conservatives - his lack of success has been good for the country.

Can anybody say "I want him to fail"?

Next up his foreign policy. Sadly, he has been a great success in implementing his ideas like the apology tour and projecting weakness. But the results were just as predicted by those of us on the right - it did not achieve his intended goal to get America loved. America has simply become a patsy. Not a good position to be in.

Conservatives are seeing the benefits of his weakness in foreign affairs, people are feeling less safe. That's not a benefit conservatives want. Personally, I'd rather feel safe and give Obama a few points of public approval. That's going to erode anyway.

Obama year one report card? Abysmal. To quote Rush again, See I Told You So.

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