January 18, 2010

Climate Change versus Climate of Change

The New Republic has an editorial today about the Democrats being doomed, and yet there's no better time to tackle Cap and Trade (climate change). Really? With health care still not law, and potentially being struck dead (pardon the pun), The New Republic editorialists seem hell bent on putting the pedal to the metal on, well, everything.

To do so would be either turning a deaf ear to the country, or else just having a tin ear. Do the Democrats realize how wildly unpopular their over-reach leftward has become? Or do they just not care, as idealogues bent on passing their Utopian vision.

Townhalls and Tea Parties aside, that represents depths of opinion, not breadth, look at generic congressional ballots that have swung heavily back towards Republicans - from the GOP down 6 points one year ago, to being up 9 points. That's a 15 point swing. Set that aside too - President Obama's approval ratings have plummeted over his first year. That's true in every major polling instance. Consider the GOP wins in NJ, Virginia and near Conservative Party upset in the NY23 congressional district. Look at what's going on in Massachusetts, bordering election of a Republican Senator. So it's not just depth of opinion against the Democrats - it's breadth as well.

The best thing the left can do for the right is to continue to push harder and harder. It will alienate more and more in the middle, and it conveys a real sense of panic too. Pushing a climate change agenda, as bad as it would be for the country, likely would really help push voters further away from Democrats.

The far left, and many Democrats including President Obama and Bill Clinton seem to believe that the country is on their side and wants them to press on with their agenda. The President wouldn't have gone to stump for Coakley otherwise, and Bill Clinton has said as much.

Meanwhile climate change legislation has gone on the back burner. Obama's message of change has been shown to be simply a progressive agenda cloaked (now not so much)in clever rhetoric. The climate has changed - the mood of the country has soured on the progressive cabal, and rightfully so. It's about time.

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