January 5, 2010

GOP Ready To Snatch Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

Not all of the GOP sees things this way, but Michael Steele seems ready to throw in the towel on Republican victory in 2010 and the ability to govern in Congress if they win.
This post from Hotline on Call;

RNC chair Michael Steele doesn't think his party can take back the House in '10, and even if they do, he doesn't know if the GOP is ready.
Appearing on Sean Hannity's nationally syndicated show the same day his new book, "Right Now," hit store shelves, Steele said the GOP is set for "nice pick-ups" in the House. But, he said, at the moment there aren't enough candidates to take out enough Dems.

"I can't give a number [of seats the GOP will win] yet, because like I said, we're just now beginning to look at the races," Steele said. Asked if GOPers will take back the House, Steele confessed: "Not this year."

"I don't know all the candidates yet," Steele continued, according to a transcript of the show. "We still have some vacancies that need to get filled, but then the question we need to ask ourselves is: If we do that, are we ready?"
Michael Steele has got to go.

If he's trying to lower expectations so he can play up victory in 2010, or to try to lull the Democrats into a false sense of security (the alternative is he's insane or his heart's just not in this GOP thing) he's picked a bad strategy.


1) The Democrats aren't buying it.
2) 2010 is going to be won or lost on Republican and Independent turnout not on tricking the Democrats. And talk like that is going to turn off those who would be prepared to vote to conservative.


The clock is ticking - the elections are in 10 months. The i's should have already be dotted and the t's crossed. The party should be financially ready and in the plotting strategy stage. He's saying they aren't ready for anything. Michael Steele has got to go.

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