January 13, 2010

Iraqi Forces working smarter

Iraqi forces, acting with the help of  U.S. advisors, arrested 20 suspected terrorists in Iraq in recent days, including those associated with Kataib Hezbollah and Al Qaidi in Iraq.  Not bad.  maybe it's a good thing nobody listened to Harry Reid when he viewed Iraq as a lost cause.

From the American Forces Press Service;
WASHINGTON, Jan. 13, 2010 - Iraqi forces, with U.S. advisors, in recent days arrested 20 people suspected of terrorist activities in Iraq, military officials reported.
Iraqi soldiers today arrested a suspected terrorist during a combined security operation in northeastern Baghdad targeting a suspected member of a Kataib Hezbollah terrorist network cell.

Iraqi soldiers and U.S. advisors acted upon a court-issued warrant to search two buildings for a suspected Kataib Hezbollah member wanted for rocket and mortar attacks in the capital city. Evidence discovered at the scene led the soldiers to arrest a suspected criminal associate of the warranted man.

Yesterday, Iraqi police arrested three suspected terrorists during a combined security operation targeting a suspected al-Qaida in Iraq bomb-cell member about 15 miles south of Mosul.

Acting on a court-issued warrant, the police and U.S. advisors searched several buildings for the suspected terrorist, who's wanted for staging deadly vehicle-borne bomb attacks against security forces in Mosul.

After questioning people and assessing evidence at the scene, the police arrested three suspected criminal associates of the warranted al-Qaida in Iraq member.

On Jan. 10, Iraqi forces arrested 11 suspected terrorists during three combined operations in Baghdad and northern Iraq to arrest several suspected members of al-Qaida in Iraq.

Iraqi forces are getting there.  Nation building is an expensive notion and not one to be undertaken lightly, but being in Iraq until 2011 still gives the U.S. an opportunity to finish building a democratic nation in the Middle East, with an empathy to the West.  That is if the United States can hurry it along at breakneck speed and do in Iraq what took far longer in Germany and Japan.

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