January 12, 2010

Senate Seat Armageddon

The Republican candidate has an outside chance at winning the Senate seat in Massachusetts. That's not a misprint, it's real. It's an Armagedon level showdown among politicos. Scott Brown could break the liberal stranglehold on the state by being ironically, more JFK than Ted Kennedy. Why should you care? The filibuster. Why do senior Democrats care? The filibuster.
It's being reported a 'moneybomb' event yesterday raised an astonishing $1 million in one day for Scott Brown. Meanwhile the polls have him anywhere from 15 points back to being in a dead heat with Democrat Martha Coakley.

The chances of him winning are slim, but momentum is on his side. He fares well in many polls and Coakley can't seem to push through the 50% ceiling. Conservatives are more energized everywhere, including Massachusetts and even the bad polling numbers could keep Democrat turnout low, with Democrat voters figuring it's in the bag. It's a special election, in winter with the possibility of inclement weather leading up to, and during election day. Who is going to make it out to vote on a cold January day- those who are fired up, or those who are complacent Democrat in Massachusetts where surely the Democrat will win?

Still not convinced? Why are Democrats sending high level spin-meisters to the state to pull the race out of the fire?

regardless of the outcome, it's wonderful to imagine apopleptic Democrats defending a loss in such a liberal state. If you know anyone in Massachusetts who might vote for Brown, get them to promise to vote.

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