January 29, 2010

Obama Meets With GOP - Hilarity Ensues

Presdent Obama met with Congressional Republicans today in order to try to find some common ground on...anything.

As the ABC report points out, it turned into more of a mutual airing of grievances and not a step towards common ground. Not that the door wasn't left open to the possibility, but given that it's an election year, it's hard to believe that any bi-partisanship from either side is going to be forthcoming. The President cannot expect that he can demonize Republicans in one sentence and then call for bi-partisanship in the next.

Nevertheless, he did agree to meet with his political opponents, so he deserves some credit. The first, and only other President to do that (twice), as Bill O'Reilly pointed out today, was George W. Bush. Of course he never got credit for it.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the hilarity - it's the premise. This is nothing more than theater for the President and it's funny to think that anyone believes anything could come out of it. Sorry - that's it. Okay it's not hilarious, what do you want -it's late and I'm tired. I found it funny.

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