January 10, 2010

Oliver Stone's Latest Hackiness

Oliver Stone has a new 'historical' documentary series coming out on Showtime, and you won't believe this.
Really, you won't believe it, because it won't be believable, except maybe to the young and impressionable, and that's the sad part.

According to The Live Feed, Stone's next work, The Secret History of America, will put figures like Stalin, Mao and even Hitler in context. The idea is to look at them with respect to both the good and bad that they did. His example was that Stalin fought Germany for a period of the war, without much help from the Allies. True. And putting the context of why they came to power, the circumstance of their countries and why they had the visions they did, isn't a bad thing in and of itself. However, that phrase, 'in context' is in the hands of Oliver Stone. So it's his context, and that's bad, because he sees himself as the political middle.

And where he thinks the middle is, is a pretty leftward place. This becomes simply more trying to push the center to the left. Make no mistake, that's his goal.

Here are some Stone quotes from the article to prove the point.
"Obviously, Rush Limbaugh is not going to like this history and, as usual, we're going to get those kind of ignorant attacks," said Stone, who also also compared the experience of sympathizing with war criminals to making his "W" movie about George W. Bush. "I'm trying to understand somebody I thoroughly despised."

Notice the pre-emptive attack on possible criticisms from the right? Ignorant? You haven't even heard the criticism yet Mr. Stone. Gotta love how he despised Bush. But we're supposed to love Obama? Hypocrite.
"You can understand why Obama is following in Bush's footsteps in Afghanistan," Stone said."Obama is very much trapped, we believe, in that system. And so that's what we're going to try and show you -- the way it works."

The official start of the left meme -- "Hey it wasn't Obama's fault man. The War Machine had him trapped man." Nice. Instead of learning a lesson, they make an excuse. It seems to be the natural response from the lefty pundits and leadership. That and blame someone else on the right.
The project will also show lesser-known positive aspects of American history and unsung heroes. Stone eventually hopes to send "Secret History" to schools as a teaching curriculum.

"It would be a very different counterweight to what they're learning," Stone said. "Nobody is going to force it down anybody's throat."

Teaching cirriculum? Told ya. But what's this about not forcing it down anybody's throat? Students would have a choice here Mr. Stone? Hypocrite. The only choice he'd support I suspect, is on abortion.
"My father was a voracious New York Times reader," he said. "We consider that in The Middle. Sarah Palin would disagree."

Thanks for putting your own history into the proper context for us to understand your mindset Mr. Stone. Enough said.

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