January 13, 2010


I was looking at the weather forecast for Boston for January 19th.  Not because the Patriots will be playing, they won't.  But there's an even more important 'game' happening that day.  The people's seat (formerly known as Ted Kennedy's seat), is up for grabs between Democrat Martha Coakley and possible Republican usurper Scott Brown.

The polls have gotten a lot tighter and the Democrats have sent in the big guns, with less than a week to go. The Republican, Brown, has a chance to actually win this.  It has national implications.  And because it's looking really tight, every vote counts.  Conventional wisdom (with a big '"for what it's worth") says that a low turnout helps the fired up GOP, and that bad weather means a low turnout.  Hence, a visit to the Weather Channel and the Boston forecast. I know, Boston's not all of the state, but that's where low turnout likely helps out the GOP the most.
There's bad news if you believe the conventional wisdom, and I personally think there's some validity to it.  The weather on election day and the days leading up to it, seem to be relatively precipitation free, and more mild than it has been in the North East.  So Democrat voter turn out will be helped, or at least not hindered.
Which brings me back to the title of the post GOP (Republican) GOTV (get out the vote) for MA (Massachusetts) needs to be cranked up to 11 (a la Spinal Tap) leading up to the 19th.  This all-important seat is winnable for the Republicans and for conservatives across the country, this is THE BATTLEFRONT right now.  A near miss may be a moral victory for conservatives, but it also portends swift passage of the health care bill.  In fact a distant loss might be better than a near miss.  It would allow the Democrats time to continue fighting amongst themselves in the mistaken belief that time is still not their enemy.  A near miss ratchets up the pass it now or it'll never pass line of thinking.
This is where you come in.  As a conservative inside of MA, please do everything in your power to drag like-minded voters to the polls.  Beg, plead, convince, drive, carry them.  Do whatever it takes.  If you aren't from Massachusetts, and you have friends or relatives inside the state who are conservatives do the same.  If you have Democrat friends there, let them know about the great TV line up on Tuesday night.

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