January 16, 2010

Martha Come Lately

Democrat Martha Coakley's latest attempt to win back voters in her faltering race against Scott Brown, and perhaps destiny - claiming she's for the little guy.

"I'm standing with Main Street on this one. Scott Brown stands with Wall Street," Coakley charged.

The laughability of that statement is undeniable, but you can't win an election on comedy (Al Franken arguably didn't win in Minnesota and unarguably, is not funny).  In the same Breitbart article, via the AP (emphasis added):
Brown, a little-known Republican state senator with a limited record who had never before run statewide, shed his party markings and downplayed his conservative credentials throughout the monthlong campaign. He spent weeks campaigning not just against Coakley but against Capitol Hill.

"If you want someone who's going to lower your taxes and bring common sense back to Washington, then join with me," he says.Coakley, the state's popular Democratic attorney general, comes right out of the establishment and has embraced her stature within the party. She has run a Rose Garden inevitability strategy, largely shunned retail politics, and dashed to Washington for an oh-so-insider fundraiser.
Now, with the race tight in its final days, Coakley's trying to appeal to an anti-Washington, pro-populism electorate by seizing the fight-for-the-little-guy mantle in hopes of thwarting a Republican victory. The White House and Coakley are hammering Brown for opposing Obama's just-announced plan to tax large Wall Street firms.

Should Brown maintain momentum and pull off the upset, wait for the spin. It's already started. Obama isn't going to Massachusetts, where the prospects are lose-lose for him personsonally. And Democrats want to portray an increasingly feasible loss as being about Coakleyand not Obama. The decidedly pro-liberal AP would not be party to portraying Coakley as an elitist in that same article were it not trying to place blame squarely on her.

The iront of that is also quite rich - an elitist, smarter-than-thou party throwing one of their own under the bus for displaying the same attitude herself is obviously hypocritical. But there's subtle hypocrisy in it as well - should she win, they would expect, or rather demand, that she march lockstep with them in voting for health care, cap and trade and huge spending bills. She shouldn't given the anathematic way she'll be treated over the next few days, but in yet another twist, she surely would. She's a die hard liberal and believes the same things as the 'progressive' elite. Even her own career is secondary to the radical agenda.

And that same die hard progressive attitude is what makes the election in Massachusetts so critical. Coakley's Martha come lately ploy is the same playbook as Obama's "we're here for the little guy" deceit. They are elitists there for two things - themselves and their radical agenda. Falling for it means Democrats can go full speed ahead on that agenda with no brakes. The country knows that. Democrats, Republicans, Coakley and Brown know that. The anything-to-win approach is reaching a breaking point, and that's the real reason to smile.

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