January 5, 2010

Democrats Could Pull Off A Home Run

It doesn't make me happy to think about this possibility. In fact it makes me aggravated to even think someone would be thinking like this. But the audacity of Democrat machinations have turned me more cynical than I used to be.

The point - Democrats could possibly keep Obama's promise to broadcast the backroom dealings on C-span, to make the secret deals, all the while boosting Obama's approval ratings. Here's how.

If the Democrats go ahead and make the secret deals they need to make and then bring the resulting bill to the President, he could veto the bill saying there was too much secrecy in the process.

The Democrats could then allow C-span in and re-work the process, towards the bill they already passed - or something close enough to it (perhaps their real goal for the bill, the first being a misdirection offering).

They have the votes to pass whatever they want. When push came to shove, everyone, even Lieberman fell in line. So once they get the publicly viewed 'deliberations' version of the bill ironed out, they can re-send the bill to the President for signing.

He'll sign it and look like an all around hero. It may mean a large number of Democrats falling on their swords. It may still mean losses, or it might turn into a Democrat popularity mini-rally.

I shudder at the thought. I hope I'm wrong about the outcome and the existence of such a plan. It's a cynical view. But I think the cynicism is warranted, given the nature of the modern Democratic party.  A home run?  Could be a grand slam - it might even minimize their losses this November. I really hope I'm wrong.

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