January 26, 2010

Obama Would Rather Have Good One-Term Than Mediocre Two-Terms

According to Fox News President Obama would rather have good one-term than a mediocre two-terms. If that's correct, it perhaps presages the State of the Union address tomorrow. The President's staff have mentioned a pivot to jobs (a year late) but clearly the President is full steam ahead on health care.

Passed or not, it's a political suicide mission. The President's very actions may turn his words into a self-fulfilling prophecy. If he plows ahead in the belief that he is doing right, even though most people are against it he is doomed to a single term.

It also brings up an interesting question if the President is doing what he believes is for the best of the people of America, even though they disagree, does that make him a visionary or a dictator or delusional? I'm sure everyone has their own theories.

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