December 7, 2009

Hope just won't cut it.

Everyone thankfully, is no longer being exposed to the incessant "Yes We Can", "Hope" and "Change" messages of the Obama campaign machine (including the mainstream media). Besides being grating, there were those of us who knew it just would not materialize the way its devout adherents were envisioning. But there's a problem. Despite the removal of the campaign slogans, the Obama administration is still asking Americans to hope, and to wait for change. Wasn't this administration supposed to be bringing change and creating hope?

This is the crux of the problem. Very little has changed for the better, a lot has changed for the worse, and the level of hope has increased out of necessity, not out of positive results. More people are hoping to get out of the current expanding economic mess, the current international boondoggle, and the current health care zealotry unscathed. They are hopeful, but they are worried. The hope is that the Democrats don't make things so terrible that the country cannot recover. That is not a standard worth being hopeful over.

Meanwhile the administration is asking you to have faith that the policies they have put in play are going to work out well. The President promised that without his stimulus bill being approved immediately, the jobless rate would exceed 8%. Oops. The tune then changed to "it was never supposed to work immediately." Oh, really? That latter message is the one that indicates they want you to hold onto the hope that got them elected.

There's only two ways that can pan out; either the economy rebounds in a couple of years, or it doesn't. If it does, do they really deserve credit for the panic reactions? And if it doesn't, will you still be asked to hold out hope a little longer? The American economy is massive. It's survived a lot of woes. It was inevitable that it would survive the end-of-the-world crisis of last September. It would inevitably find it's way back, and no administration should take credit for an economic recovery, when recessions and growth, boom and bust are a relatively natural part of the economic cycle. The economy would have recovered if left alone. It would have recovered more robustly too.

But, never a team to let a crisis go to waste, the Democrats and the Obama administration pounced oall over the crisis in an effort force a bunch of prosperity-leeching taxes and programs and mandates (for others).

Back in March I had a little fun with the Obama campaign poster;

Take a look at those slogans and tell me you don't hope for a little bit of truth in advertising; no cynical attacks *ha!), no fragmentation (with every bill over 1000 pages, how is that possible?), no gridlock (well okay, right now some gridlock wouldn't be so bad), common sense (still waiting), consensus building (wow...), and transparency (wow again).

Hope however, just won't do it. In order to defeat this Alinsky/dirty-politics machine, more 9/12 marches, more tea parties and more determination than ever is needed.

Hope just won't cut it ladies and gentlemen. Neither will complacency. The alternative to both is worse than socialism - it's socialism under facism. Don't just turn out to vote - turn out to protest at every opportunity. I know it's hard because unlike unions and the unemployed, we have jobs or are busy looking for them. But it's very important that this process be halted in its tracks before any more damage gets done to America. I mentioned earlier that the hope now is that the Democrats don't destroy the country. Clearly, hope just won't cut it for that.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree that the economy would be on a faster track to recovery if the government had done nothing. But whatever modicum of improvement the economy shows, Obama will be given credit for it by the media. Much as the laud Roosevelt for being a great economic president because he stabilized the unemployment rate at 14%. There are only so many jobs that can be lost and stabilizing (if we even are) at 10% is not something Obama should be patting himself on the back for. And yet he did so again just today.

  2. I was listening to Rush today ( a rare opportunity for me) and he had a caller on from Connecticut who was saying that in his school they thought FDR and the new deal were the greatest. As long as liberals control schools and the media, people lke Obama will be portrayed as stars.

    And as long as Obama pats himself on the back for 10%, the press will be sympathetic.


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